Some of my favourite Writing and Reading Resources…


Query Tracker: Exactly what it says, a tool to help you track agent queries. First it helps you narrow down your search by a) listing agents in a number of different ways and b) enabling a reverse search (Who Reps Who). Query Tracker is a low-budget high-quality search tool. Support this author-friendly enterprise and get more out of the service by paying the small fee for premium services. It’s worth it.


Writers Digest: Just crammed full of useful information.


NPR: Good Writers are Great Readers: I learn about many new books and authors via NPR’s “Books” website (sit the feed on your computer desktop). I like both reading the quiet, clean website (constantly updated with intervviews and reviews) and listening to the clear, personal audio clips. NPR Books gives you the feeling of being in warm, modern library surrounded by good books and a community of careful and caring readers. Delicious.


Dictionary/Thesaurus: I use the Merriam Webster online version about ten times per day — and remain extremely grateful that they don’t charge me per visit. There are other dictionaries and I use them for second and third opinions, but this is my go to resource for spelling, meaning and synonyms (a feature to be used with discretion, please).


The Chicago Manual of Style: Buy it in hardback, keep it on your desk and use it whenever in doubt, which in my case is every other day. Do not follow random online grammar blogs or discussions. This lovely great brick of a book is the final word on everything related to American grammar, style and usage. You most certainly can write however you damn well please and stuff convention as well as punctuation who the hell needs that 🙂 — but if you want formal correctness then this is your source. The Chicago Manual of Style (16thedition)