Flesh & Wires is mostly set in the village of Saugatuck, a small neighbourhood in the town of Westport, Connecticut, dominated by the Saugatuck river as it spills out into Long Island Sound and the old train station that enables thousands of residents to commute to New York City every day. It is a bustling place notable for a sense of people on the move: boating, driving, walking, commuting, drinking in the small collection of bars and restaurants that line the main drag leading into the larger (and more sedate) town upriver.

There are also scenes set outside the borders of Westport, Connecticut; parts of the story take place in Madison, CT and Armonk, NY. For those readers who are interested in the setting of Lo and Co.’s story, I have gathered a few images of important places that feature in the book.

Saugatuck HQ: Circa 2015

Once upon a time just a really very nice rowing club.


The Mansion Clam House and the Bridge Square Market

Just down the road from HQ, next to the pod park. In Flesh & Wires The Mansion Clam House is a clothing exchange. The Market is still a market. Dunkin’ Donuts next door, however, is long gone and the liquor store is empty.

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The Bridge

In Flesh & Wires this is the most critical of all the checkpoints and guarded at all times. On one side lies the safety of HQ, the market and the rest of the community. On the other side lies overgrown wilderness (to the left) and the secret of the Old Inn (to the right).


The Old Inn

In the time of Flesh & Wires this place is home to pods, nannies and the closest thing there is to children in this town. It is also the landing site of the unexpected drop. Before the Ruurdaan Invasion it was The Longshore Inn and Golf Club, a facility open to all tax-paying Westport town residents, sited on a beautiful peninsula between the Saugatuck River and Long Island Sound and featuring tennis courts, pools, restaurants and a sailing school.



The Once Town of Westport, including the Post Road Bridge crossing the Saugatuck:

In Flesh & Wires this entire area at the back of the main shopping district, plus the library, the old YMCA, Town Hall and the Historical Society (along with the rest of the historical downtown district) is now a shallow flood-plain — all man-made materials are flattened beneath a foot of water.



Cockenoe Island:

Summer boating playground turned local prison


The IBM Campus in Armonk

The Closest Thing Left to a Regional Goverment