Next book I’ll keep it brief. This very first time I want to be comprehensive. So… Thanks to all those who encouraged and supported my bookish ways, in particular Elizabeth and John Hatton, Margaret McRae, Donna Merwick, Pat Grimshaw, and Mary Beth Norton. Thanks to Kath Wilham and L. Timmel Duchamp of the wonderful Aqueduct Press for turning my manuscript into a book. Thanks to Julie Phillips for the introduction. Thanks to the funny, clever, kind people who do not feature in this book but nevertheless inform the way I think: Francina Macdonald, Sally Angell, Jim Hoy, Fiona Downie, Catherine James, Jeff Hadler, Sunny Vergara, Bernie Heise, Michelle Elvy, Tom Volman, Meredith Small, Ljubomir Stambuk, Tanuja Randery, Mehul Randery, Burcak Artun, Omer Artun, Marike Westra, Eric Merkel-Sobotta, Marc de Vries, Elisabeth Bijleveld, Eugene Moriarty, Iris Simon, Ammy Vogtlander, Virgine Bihin, Marie-Noel Brasset and Noel Castree, big Max Telford, young Max Collinge, Graeme, Allison and Hal Collinge too. Thanks to special Westport people Leslie Riback and Carol Buettner Sherts. Thanks to my Amsterdam writing group for the critique and the camaraderie: Carolyn Chang, Barbara Austin, David Lee, Mark Bruinekreeft, Yonatan Dunsky, Tim Rease, Smruthy Sachidanandan, Rituparna Roy, David Swatling and especially Karen Kao and Tori Egherman, without whom it would all fall apart. Thanks to my younger influences for a fresh perspective: rapper-lawyer James Dowling, earth-momma Connie Grant, next-leader-of-the-free-world Varun Randery, who-knows-what-greatness-he-will-achieve Hugh Collerette and the most charming and voracious reader of her generation, Hannah Collerette. Also Madie, Lachie, Courtney, Sam, Ollie, Lucy (the future in progress). Thanks to anyone else I’ve forgotten. My old friend Lisa Jack who is long gone but inspired me to write about Connecticut in the first place. Have I left anyone out? No doubt. If I forgot you please just email me and request acknowledgement. I’ll add you straight away.

And finally…

Special thanks to Fiona Hatton and Leslie Horowitz, my hotlines to sanity.

Extra special thanks to Nick Fowler, for sharing the fun, for sharing the load.  It’s a force-field.

And a last shout out to all those women who dared. Without them where the hell would I be?

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Early prototypes for the pods, courtesy of Hugh and Hannah