jackie HattonJackie Hatton was born in Australia. She grew up gloriously oblivious to the rest of the world in Hobart, Tasmania, then learned a thing or two the hard way in the sunburnt suburbs of Melbourne. She left Australia to see what was beyond “the mainland” twenty-five years ago and has still not finished her journey.

Over the years she was taught by a long series of strong-minded women who encouraged her in many different ways and to whom she is permanently indebted. After completing her Ph.D. in American Women’s History at Cornell University she has done many different things, most of which fall under the rubric of pen-for-hire. These days she is working on her second novel, a near-future thriller set in Amsterdam.

She has lived in a number of different places including Westport (where Flesh & Wires is set) and, for the last ten years, Amsterdam.

She is married without children and her favorite thing to do is swim in beautiful water.