Raised by an English mother and and Australian father, my interests have always lain at the intersections of identity. I studied representations of immigrant women in my undergraduate work; gendered notions of criminality and class identity in my graduate studies. I will always be interested in those themes.

Over the years I was taught by a long series of strong-minded women who encouraged me in many different ways and to whom I am permanently indebted. After completing my Ph.D. in American Women’s History at Cornell University I’ve done many different things, most of which fall under the rubric of pen-for-hire. At the moment I am working on a number of different projects, including the history of my female convict ancestors.

I’ve also lived in a number of different places including Westport, CT (where Flesh & Wires is set) and, for the last ten years, Amsterdam.

I am married without children and my favorite thing to do is swim in beautiful water.