In September I attended my first Milford Writer’s Conference. Net result: a fresh new take on a second book that needed some serious plot triage and a newfound sense of what it means to be part of the larger genre writing community. It was a real pleasure to exchange ideas with this group of clever, funny and kind working writers — and it really helped me improve my work.

The Milford ExperienceI was also wowed by the feel-good nature of the venue — a non-profit values-driven conference center set between lake and mountain in Snowdonia, Wales. Whether you like your writer’s retreat to offer spartan solitude with a spectacular view or warm hospitality with abundant fresh food and chats around the hearth you are in business at Trigonos. The place allows for pretty much all temperaments and offers an atmosphere conducive to creativity and productivity.

So I guess it goes almost without saying that I highly recommend the Milford experience to any serious writer looking to improve their work via the intensive Milford critique method, to unlock creative block, or to find inspiration in sharing with other writers. Just do it. Apply.

Milford takes place every September — leaves falling, misting breath in the morning, sun shining in the afternoon. Fifteen Writers. One week. Five thousand words apiece.

The next scheduled Milford is due to take place in the Autumn of 2016, but there is also talk of a Spring Milford if there is enough interest. For further information…

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